Alberto Magrin studied architecture at the University of Genoa. He underwent a brief stint in the theatre after having obtained a scholarship to study alongside sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro at University of Urbino. He was awared the 'Libertas Prize' for visual arts and literature by MP Ferri and collaborated in the creation of the 'G. A. Rol Scientific Association' in Turin, the purpose of which was to demonstrate man's victory over the time through the capacity of the individual spirit. In the meantime he was also awarded the 'Open Art Prize' by MP Vita in Rome. He partecipated in founding of the International Digital Art Organization ONDA. He designed the ONDA Contemporary Art Museum in order to allow internationally renowned artists to construct their own permanent spaces and create a dialogue between themselves and eternity. Like a premonition and a symbol of 'ethernal nothingness', this project represents the downfall and rebirth of the modern era. Through a series of donations, he succeeded in creating a worldwide network of art galleries, which he called 'Magreen Gallery', the artworks of which are located in public and private institutions, thus eliminating every form of personal control or management over the works themselves. These artworks are currently held by some of the worlds most important permanent collections: The British Museum (London), MOCA (Los Angeles), Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast (Dusseldorf), Spazio Oberdan (Milan), Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (Dresden), Musée des Beaux Arts (Lyon), Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea (Trento), CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Pontificia Academia Scientiarum (Vatican City), The State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg). Publications: 'Alberto' (Monograph - Guardamagna Editore, 2009), 'Brackets' (Poems - Il Filo, 2010), 'The acrobats of time' (Poems - Seneca Edizioni, 2011), 'Coincidences' (Poems - Seneca Edizioni, 2012), 'Science, conscience, knowledge' (Monograph - Il Geko Editions, 2015), 'The spiritual freedom' (Monograph - 081grafica, 2018). He makes use of every artistic language, experimenting with new techniques. He lives and works in Rapallo (Italy).



Critical note

Alberto Magrin's latest works arise from the 'Theory of Coincidences' and are based on mediations suspended between the earth and the heavens, between the world of the mundane and that of dreams. Like a modern shaman, the artist receives messages and conveys them to us in the form of photographic images accessible to everyone. The lyricism that distinguishes his works becomes part of them thanks to an ironic play on randomness, a mapped out destiny that can only be made to blossom in our eyes through the artist's sensitivity. Works derived from real life and recreated experiences, characterized by symbolic meaning, as if attempting to reinterpret the divine message. (Monica Sampietro)




FACES Villa Brentano - Busto Garolfo - Milan


COINCIDENZE Villa Brentano - Busto Garolfo - Milan

ARCHIVIO Fondo Malerba per la Fotografia - Milan

ANTHROPOSOPHICART Villa Brentano - Busto Garolfo - Milan

KUNSTHAL 45 Der Helden (The Netherlands)

CAM Contemporary Art Museum - Casoria - Naples

Global Village 2016 (The Netherlands-Germany-Denmark)

Litvai Galerie - Landshut (Germany)

ArtZaanstad BACKFIRE - Zaandam (The Netherlands)

Kulturhuset Brønden - Brøndby Strand (Denmark)

MUSINF - Senigallia

Art-house Galerie - Thun (Switzerland)

ARTVERONA Project Fair - Cavana Arte Contemporanea

56th Venice Biennale - National Pavilions (Guatemala-Grenada)

EXPO Feeding the planet - Milan

PARIS PHOTO - Grand Palais (France)

Officina delle zattere - Venice

Fama-Fame ASC Gallery Window Space - London (England)

We want the United States of the World - Magreen Gallery - S. Margherita

Festival NAA Barcelos (Portugal)

RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival

INVIDEO Fabbrica del Vapore - Milan

BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera

PHOTISSIMA Archivio Storico di Stato - Venice

OPENING Magreen Gallery - S. Margherita

ETERNAL-MIND Italian Parliament - Rome

Galleria RezArte - Reggio Emilia

STUDIO RA - London Biennale

Palazzo delle Arti - Paternò


Reinventing Art - St Petersburg (Russia)

International Izmir Art Biennial (Turkey)

NewsfromArt - Fabrika - Ferrara

Bienal de Cerveira (Portugal)

Magistrale 2010 - Freies Museum Berlin (Germany)

NAE - Nuove Arti Espressive - Carnago 

PRE-VISIONI - Palazzo della Commenda - Genoa

MACRO Festarte Video Art Festival - Rome

TRANSVIDEOPLAY Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Update_3 Body Sound - Zebrastraat (Belgium)

Matt Roberts Gallery - London (England)

I reborn tomorrow - Scandiano

Teoria delle coincidenze - Satura Gallery - Genoa

San Lorenzo Foto Festival - Rome

LA CHIENA Spazio Utopia - Campagna

Decameron Pop - Spazio Libero - Milan

Visitors - International Video Art Activity Canakkale (Turkey)

FABRIKArte Festival Villa Farsetti - S.Maria di Sala

Siris Festival - Nova Siri

EROS&THANATOS Primo Piano LivinGallery - Lecce

Internazionale Italia Arte - Villa Gualino - Turin

Sguardo sulla realtà e oltre - S.Andrea al Quirinale - Rome

ARTWEARE TwoxFour Gallery - Scandiano

SGUARDI SONORI Villa d'Este - Tivoli 

EARTH AIR USE Centro Monumentale S.Michele a Ripa - Rome

UAVM Virtual Museum (Portugal)

HEP - Valladolid (Spain)

Archè - Genoa capital of culture 2004 b.C.

Human Emotion Project - Brancaleone - Rome

SaLE Docks - Magazzini del Sale - Venice

RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival

NO-ORG.NET - Jerusalem - (Israel)

iBiennial of Contemporary Art - London (England)

Galleria d'Arte La Ricerca - Bergamo

The Museum of Temporary Art - Tubingen (Germany)

CologneOFF - Cologne Film Festival - Nuremberg (Germany)

Biennale Internazionale di Anzio e Nettuno

ACQUEDOLCI Independent Film Festival

Palazzo Orsini - Bomarzo

L'ONDA Arteincampo - Genoa

NON-STOP Ex Magazzini Ferroviari - Sanremo-New York (USA)

EM'ARTE Ecomuseo - Castellina Marittima

Barberart - Foro Boario - Nizza Monferrato

Espacio Enter - Isole Canarie (Spain)

Whipart - Stazione Marittima - Naples

MAGMART International Videoart Festival - Naples

Baratti Centro Civico La Corte - Padua

LUMIERE Primo Piano LivinGallery - Lecce

International Experimental Film Festival - Carbunari (Romania)

Pacific Northwest Center for Photography - Portland (Oregon)

PRIMO PIANO Home Photo Gallery - Naples

Spazi Evasi RE-USE Palazzo Sirena - Francavilla al mare

Festival of Media Art Teatro Junghans - Venice

Rocca dei Rettori - Benevento

Scuderie Aldobrandini - Frascati


l'ONDA Castello Litta - Gambolò

International New Media Festival MONA - Detroit (USA)

FANZINE Galleria D.E.A. - Florence

Arts for Global Development - Washington (USA)

II Florence Biennale

Fabbricanti di Libri - Palazzo Grassi - Aradeo

Galleria Officina Fotografica - Milan

PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2007 - Linz (Austria)

VI Salon Internacional d'Arte Digital Havana (Cuba)

INVIDEO Spazio Oberdan - Milan-Stuttgart (Italy-Germany)

Obsession International Video Art Festival - Istanbul (Turkey)

Satura Gallery - Genoa

Vento d'Avanguardia - Eboli

FONLAD Digital Arts Festival - Coimbra (Portugal)

MOCA Museum of Computer Art - New York (USA)