Build your museum

The project for a contemporary art museum (2010) which will house a permanent exhibition of works by international artists who make use any traditional audio or visual techniques, such as painting, sculpture and music, as well as innovative techniques like digital photography, video, sound-art, installations or performances. The museum-foundation will be in the form of a 18 meters tall cross with 5 floors, and will be made up of 7 LED maxi screens. The project, created by artist Alberto Magrin, is designed to offer each participating artist the opportunity to create the most representative permanent exhibit of his/her own artworks. In this light, the idea of contributing to a museum’s construction through a community project, while rendering the presence of the artist and the museum itself permanent rather than temporary, makes this museum’s construction a historic event. The site-specific location, immersed in nature, will allow the museum to give added value to the participating artist’s works, while at the same time bringing in visitors from all over the world to enjoy Italy’s spectacular scenery, enhancing it with a unique and original cultural vision created by artists that express themselves through various techniques and come from different places and cultures. This project’s symbolism, as well as its artistic and architectural value, is meant to represent the power of the light which, from inside the cross, emanates the artistic message of those who build with the power of thought. The architectural project has been designed in such a way so as to become a veritable light sculpture that shines into the night sky, constantly evolving based on the ever-changing artistic experiences of the human race. Temporary exhibits will therefore be organized, each of which will be linked to the permanent presence of the artists who contribute to the museum’s creation. Projectors will be able to be used on the LED maxi screens in order to show photographs and digital videos, as well as recorded animations and performances, using new media techniques. This project has inspired Alberto Magrin to donate his works to the museum, thus furthering his spiritual quest by allowing the artist himself to see the world through the eyes of others as well. Thanks to an attentive selection process on behalf of renowned critics and international artists, the museum will be known for its high qualitative standards.